Top 10 kitchen appliances

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When you visit Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon or any other retailers selling electronics and kitchen appliances, you will be amazed at how many choices you have for just a single device. It is easier to pick the wrong kitchen items or ones that you do not need when you have several confusing choices. Appliances are meant to make your life easier, but when you choose the wrong appliance, you end up making your life worse and losing money. Kitchen appliances also save us time. A typical kitchen needs both small and large appliances, with the bigger ones like dishwasher and refrigerators being critical for the functionality of the kitchen and the small ones bring different levels of satisfaction and diversity in the kitchen.

In our definition of “kitchen appliances” or “gadgets” we mean the devices that come with extra design to them, more than a basic kitchen tool. This list therefore does not include the basic kitchen tools like bowls, chef’s knife, wooden spoons, cutting boards, spatulas, cast iron pans, strainers and other basic kitchen tools. This list brings you the small gadgets and tools designed to make our lives the kitchen much easier, save time and give you the best out of your money.

Here are the top 10 kitchen appliances:

1). Deep Fryer: A deep fryer is a must, it makes your favorite French fries, chicken fingers and hush puppies. Deep fryers have been around for long in the kitchen and they are here to stay, with the best options being ones that bring healthy restaurant tastes to your dinner table. Read best home deep fat fryer reviews blog to buy the best deep fryer.

2). Coffee Maker: Even though coffee makers are mostly found outside the kitchen, you need to bring them in to make good coffee at home. Everyone loves hot coffee, and this is why you will never miss a coffee maker in the hotel rooms, at the offices and several other functions. Consider bringing one home.

3). Ovens and Toasters: Ovens and Toasters are primary kitchen gadgets. You need toasters to efficiently and quickly crisp bagels and bread. You need the ovens to make your food warm quickly and also melt your cheese.

4). Blender: When cooking, you find yourself wanting to conveniently mix the sauce, soups and juices. When preparing certain foods, your recipe requires that you do a thorough blending of two or more ingredients. A blender does simple mixing of your ingredients since the motor is not as powerful as the food processor motor. It also has a less sharp blade.

5). Rice Cooker: When you want to make perfect rice, with just a push of a button then you must invest in a rice cooker. Things have changed, and if you still make your rice on a stove-top then you are missing out

kitchen-1142800_19206). Food Processor: At this age in time, you do not want to use a knife to chop off a lot of vegetables. Food processor comes in to save time and energy by quickly chopping of the vegetables for you, making your work easier. Most of the food processors come with several choices of blades so that you choose the right blade for the right vegetables.

7). Mixer: If you have done some baking before, then you can confirm that manually stirring a cake batter or bread dough is not an easy task. Mixers are a quick and easy way to combine dry and wet ingredients like eggs and flour.

8). Electric Grill: There are different types of grills, including Panini grills, clamshell grills and electric grills. The functionalities are different, it is therefore ideal that you go with the choice that meets your needs. The grills are free of smoke, small in size, and are very easy to clean. Foods prepared on grill are much tastier and healthier compared to the ones pan-fried.

9). Slow Cooker: Slow cookers, like the name suggests, cooks your food slowly. You only need to input the cooking time and go away, when the time elapses, the food will be ready. Slow cookers are also referred to as crock pots. The pots allow the food to simmer all night or day to give your family home-cooked, healthy meal.

10). Microwave: Every modern kitchen must have a microwave. The microwave makes the kitchen complete. The microwaves save energy and at the same time warms your food in a fraction of the time a conventional oven would.

These are the top ten kitchen appliances you must have in your kitchen. While shopping for your kitchen appliances, it is recommendable that you get yours from reputable vendors to avoid buying clones and un-genuine products. Buying from the right shops also ensures you get the right prices, enjoy manufacturer warranty and guarantees. Refer –


Tips to safeguard your home

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Home security needs to be your primary concern. Nothing hurts more than returning to home and find everything you have bought taken away by burglars.. Either you have passed through this or you’ve never, then the following home safeguarding tips will help you maintain security at you home.

Install a home security alarm

This is the most important of all. When you install a home security alarm system, there are two types to choose from. Set-up sensors to your windows and doors, on wireless alarm system, it will send out a signal through radio frequency to your control panel when there is a breach on the sensors. This will trigger the siren to sound, together with the flashing of the alarm lights and of calling the four phone numbers you have programmed in the control panel when you installed the wireless alarm system.

On the other hand the monitored alarm system works by physically wiring your home with sensors that is connected to a monitoring company. The monitoring company keeps watch 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) when there is a breach in your home either through the window or door, the monitoring company acting in your behalf, will either call the proper authorities and contact you or send out a response team to find out what caused the breach in the system.

Install Motion Detector Lights

While many people may think that these lights do little good, since many thieves know you might not be home when this light goes on, there is a benefit to these lights. Most people looking to break in don’t want to be seen. With this extra light cast, they will look for another home that isn’t well lit.

Hiding your Spare Key

Most of you may be in the habit of hiding your spare key under the doormat or above the door frame of under a planter. These are the places where the robbers will look, first while attempting the robbery. Once he finds the key, there shall be nothing to stop him from committing the robbery. Also, do not keep your spare key in your work desk; this can also create security concerns for you.

No public display of expensive items

We all like to collect expensive items. This is exactly what attracts the burglars. Don’t park your car in the driveway of your home, or keep a valuable display item which can be viewed easily from your bedroom window. Park your car inside your garage.


Leaving doors/windows unlocked

A completely, partially opened or unlocked window is an invitation for the burglar to easily complete his job. Always keep your windows and doors locked and alarms turned on, when no one is home. There are times when you maybe home and have your window left open. Well ensure that for such times you have installed a lock with keeps your windows only partially open and discourage anyone from coming in through the window. Being careful shall ensure that your home and life are, both secure.

Change Your Locks

This applies when you’ve just moved into a new home. Just because your home is new, doesn’t mean the locks are. It doesn’t matter if you are moving into the home of someone you have known for 15 years or are moving into a newly built home. Besides the set of keys you have, there is a chance someone you don’t know also has a set of keys. Having your locks changed by a residential locksmith is a good idea.

Add video surveillance

Adding CCTV or video surveillance is a very effective home security measure. Even though it is a little expensive, but it is definitely worth it. In video supervision, there are several transmitters and only one receiver that is linked to your TV.

Install a smoke detector

This safeguards your home from fire. By installing smoke detectors in your home, you can have an advance warning if your house should happen to catch on fire.


Always Double Check Your Doors

Sometimes we forget to lock doors when we are only out for a moment. The problem is that it only takes a moment to be robbed. Always lock and check your doors each time that you leave your home to ensure you remain safe.

Know your neighbors

Introduce yourself to your neighbors. After you have moved into your new neighborhood be sure to introduce yourself as well as your family to your fellow neighbors. If your new neighbors become familiar with you, then if something out of the ordinary take place, they can inform you.

Always Double Check Your Doors

Sometimes we forget to lock doors when we are only out for a moment. The problem is that it only takes a moment to be robbed. Always lock and check your doors each time that you leave your home to ensure you remain safe.

Never Allow Your Home to Appear Empty

No matter of you are on vacation or just spend long days as work, you need to ensure that your home looks like there is someone there frequently. Set several lights on timers with different times to click on. This way, no one will know you are gone for long periods of time.


Ensuring that you follow these simple suggestions and tips shall allow you to keep you home safe and secure from burglars. More at

Top 5 Home Safety Devices

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Security is a primary concern for many homeowners. The threat of vandalism, theft, encroachment and even accidental catastrophes makes a home safeness and surveillance a lucrative and innovative industry; numerous security devices can turn your home into a well-guarded fortress, and below are the top five home safety devices that would help in securing your home.

LED solar powered motion sensor light

The Led solar powered light has three intelligent modes and is best suited in dark areas where burglars may lurk. Also, there is a sensor ball head which can be able to activate eight of these lights within a range of twenty-six feet. The LED solar powered light not only conserves energy but it could also be of an enormous advantage in case there is a power outage or an emergency.

Entry defense alarm

The entry security alarm driven by a battery unit works in such a way that it uses two magnets to form an electric circuit. The course breaks up for a hundred decibel alarm sounds when the protected doors or windows are opened. The entry defense alarm is simple to install and is mostly used in a storage room or a shed.

Aluminum patio door security light

The aluminum patio security light is used primarily as a secondary locking device on patio sliding doors. Also, the light can be used as a locking device for both inside and outside the patio doors. The security bar is made of aluminum and has brackets fitted with steel hinge. Also, this light is non-handed. Thus, you can be able to use it on left handed and right handed sliding panels. Also, you can cut this light to meet the width of a smaller patio door system. The aluminum patio security light is mostly designed to prevent intruders from opening the sliding door.

Fake outdoor /indoor security camera with red light

The fake outdoor and indoor security cameras are dummy cameras that look like a real thing. The camera has an authentic video cable, and there are also thirty infrared night vision LED lights which stay illuminated during in the dark. This security camera light uses two AA batteries which can last nine to twelve months. The camera is easier to install because it comes with a fully adjustable mounting bracket and stainless steel screws.

Solar powered outdoor spotlight

The solar powered outdoor spotlight helps in lightening the dark areas and other entry points around your windows. The spotlight comes with four pieces of powerful LED which have high light; it also comes with a spike which can be used to place it on the ground. Also, the solar spotlight is powered by free sunlight and is wireless. Finally, it does not require maintenance, and it is easier to install.

In conclusion, in case you are planning to install a home safety device at your home try and make sure that you get a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer and installer who can offer you expert advice on top of the line security products for you and your family safeness.